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Milton Felter: ‘Combat sports combine emotion, aggression, and discipline and forge them into brotherhood’

About Us

We may be a fairly young company, but we do know our stuff. Forza Fighting Gear was founded to bring you the best quality gear made of the highest quality materials, so you can do what you like best: train for your fights.

Forza was born from a passion for the martial arts. Our founder, multi-entrepreneur Richard Riedeman, has been a boxer himself for more than 40 years. Lacking the quality gear he believed necessary to perform combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing, MMA, judo, Krav Maga and karate, and using his vast network of professionals in various disciplines within the combat and self-defense sports, he set up the high quality label Forza Fighting Gear in 2017.

Today, a dedicated team of combat sports professionals led by former kickboxer and Kick//Thai Boxing trainer Milton Felter, pledge to bring you the best value for money combined with expert advice and a go-beyond mentality.

Since we have full control of all our production lines, Forza Fighting Gear has a direct influence on the quality of our product range.

These are our Core Values:

  • Excellent Service and Expert Advice
  • Premium Quality Materials
  • Fast delivery from large in-house stock
  • No is not an option

What we believe

Forza Fighting Gear sports a wide range of premium quality fighting essentials: boxing gloves, pads, shin and head guards, clothing and fighting accessories, such as medicine balls, bags and rubber knives. We also have a range of karate uniforms and a special kids section with starter sets.

We believe good advice is paramount in choosing the right equipment and clothing. On this website our experts have indicated the key factors for being successful and avoiding injuries. As part of our excellent service, our lines are always open if you should have any other questions. We guarantee: No is not an option. Better yet, if you think we can’t do it, we feel challenged to prove you wrong!

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